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Our Local Babymoon: QT Gold Coast

Good afternoon! Or maybe good morning now?

I’m writing this on the last afternoon of our little getaway. With Easter and baby shower planning in full swing though, I can only guess when I’ll finally publish it.

Sunset view from our King Mountain View Suite at the QT, Surfers Paradise.

This afternoon was spent admiring the stunning sunset from our balcony, eating kids cheeseburgers from the room service menu and playing Putt Putt golf at King Tuts.

For our last little getaway, we wanted to stick close to home. The Gold Coast is also a favourite of ours, seeing as we lived there for a while (Harrison did anyway – it was a little longer than a while for me).

We picked the QT, shamelessly, for its amazing breakfast buffet and the 24-hour room service. I’m also always down for a little bit of a retro Miami vibe.

The decor was bright, eclectic and fun. It kept us in an upbeat mood the whole time, despite the fact the rain had us trapped inside. I mean, if we had to be trapped anywhere, I’m so glad it was here!

My favourite part was this little cockatoo lamp, who I grew very attached to and repeatedly asked to bring home.

I named him Christopher, in case you were wondering. If you know where to find him, please let me know ASAP. Thanks in advance!

Anyway, back to the story. Our goal for the washed out weekend?

Eat a bunch of junk and watch a bunch of movies.

Result? We couldn’t have had a better time!

I occupied prime position in the bed all weekend (me hogging the sheets? So rare…) and it was a total dream.

I’m always go-go-go when I’m away from home but this time, I’m so glad the weather forced me to slow down and just stay indoors. I’ve been craving a break so badly and I didn’t even realise until I was given no choice but to take it.

For a relaxing staycation, we seriously couldn’t have picked a better hotel.

The Bazaar breakfast buffet catered to every single thing we needed. Yes, including unlimited strawberry milk, like you saw on my Instagram post. I honestly am still blabbering to Harrison about how good it was.

I swear food withdrawal is real.

For the rest of our stay, room service had us covered. We also had little Easter eggs delivered to our room as a welcome – super cute!

I’m so glad we have this memory to look back on, even though calling it a ‘babymoon’ makes me feel like a total loser.

It truly was such a great weekend even though literally nothing crazy happened. We didn’t go snorkelling, or swim with sharks, or visit the pyramids. We just got to actually spend time together, which has been kind of rare lately with all the organising and our work schedules.

Being honest, I was just excited to go away for a weekend. I didn’t really feel like I needed a break from reality or anything like that.

It turns out that I desperately did. I’ve had a good pregnancy but honestly, no matter how good you have it, you’re still pregnant. It really does start to weigh you down. Literally and metaphorically. This little break from reality has left me ready to face my last few weeks of planning and prepping with a refreshed mindset.

While I definitely don’t want to go home, I’m not dreading it either.

I do, however, already have my plan for next time. It involves the seafood dinner buffet and not being pregnant, so I can actually live my best life at the bottomless Mimosa brunch on Sundays!

A big thank you to the QT and to Harrison for treating me to such a beautiful weekend. Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

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