May Resolutions – Increasing Personal Productivity

I know I’ve said this on here before, but I don’t think resolutions need to wait for the New Year.

These are my goals for May. There is a big focus on increasing my personal productivity and my organisational skills!

One: More Mindful Use of Social Media

To me, this involves aiming to actively scroll through interesting, educational posts on Pinterest rather than mindlessly watch Snapchat stories.

If I’m going to spend all this time on the internet, I want an enriching experience that will actually expand my growth (whether that be as a mother, person or blogger).

Two: Find the Perfect Planner

While I love my 2019 diary from Kmart, the looming start of semester two at Uni and my June due date are making me restless. If you have any suggestions they are more than welcome! Please help me!

Three: Improve Sleep Habits

These are my last few months of selfless, uninterrupted sleep. Am I making the most of it?


I’m still staying up until 1am and cringing while I set my alarm for 5:55am.

I’ve perfected getting up early but I still find going to bed at a reasonable hour so difficult.

I’m aiming to improve this by reducing phone use in the hour before bed and by making sure that regardless of how tired I am, I’m in bed and have everything I need to do for the next morning sorted by at least 10pm.

Four: Indulge

The purpose of planning and organisation is to increase the time I have for myself, not to overwork myself.

This is such a fine line for me because the more I get done, the more I try to force into my day.

This is so counterproductive!

So my mantra for the month? Remember that the benefit of a productive routine is an increase in free time, not more stress.

Also relevant!

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