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Recap: Our DIY Baby Shower

It finally happened!

After a lot of planning, April 27th finally rolled around and our little bee themed celebration was more than I could have hoped for.

We were super spoilt – both by the weather (which luckily was perfect because uh, we had no back up plan) and our loved ones.

Setting: Pallet Picnic

While pallets can get pricey, I recommend hunting around on Facebook marketplace for a few months before the event.

We were so lucky to find pallets in perfect condition… and for free! These were originally the traditional raw wood, but with a little bit of paint they easily came up in this stunning white.

The formal table settings were super cute, even though we did a grazing table rather than a sit-down lunch.

The cutlery was a nice detail that kind of just pulled everything together.

For decoration, we went with both yellow and clear vases. These were alternated down the middle of the pallets to keep up the mismatched vibe the cushions and blankets created.

The sunflowers were such a warm addition and we had a few real bees show up to appreciate them, too, which was very sweet.

Decorations + Keepsakes

Welcome to our shower! Our adorable bee themed welcome sign.

Sticking with the bee theme, my Dad created this little welcome sign to hang directly across from the gate.

I plan on keeping the print and hopefully finding a way to scrapbook it later on (yes I am officially that person, who blogs about her baby shower and scrapbooks her keepsakes).

My crazy talented friend, Gabri, also made this picture frame for us in under twenty minutes!

It was such a nice statement in photos and honestly, one of my favourite pieces from the day.

It gave everyone something to do with their hands and made for some really natural shots of people who usually feel awkward in front of the camera.

To dress up the palm trees a little, we used these super cuter paper decorations. They start off flat and fold out to look like flower petals. While they were a mega-pain to unfold, I like to think they were worth it.

Food and Drink: DIY Grazing Table

So much love to my mum for putting together our grazing table!

Grocery prep all happened the night before, except for the sourdough, which was fresh from the markets.

Savoury food was definitely the more popular pick. Hardly anyone touched the sweeter things, except maybe for me. No complaints about that here though!

We had a ridiculous amount of food leftover too, so I’m all set for the next few weeks.

While I obviously can’t drink, the majority of the guests definitely could, so we made sure to offer a few different types of alcohol.

Baby showers can honestly be such awkward events, so the more comfortable everyone felt the better.

We also used this super boho-pinterest-chic drink dispenser to offer peach iced tea and water.

Party Favours

Thank you for bee-ing here!

Activities + Modern Games

Complete honesty now: being the centre of attention during awkward games is my worst nightmare and something I was awake at night dreading.

So, we decided to ditch things like measuring the tummy (please no) for a piรฑata and memento cards.

The piรฑata was also made by Gabri, who is actually too good to me and I appreciate more than I can ever express.

Story time y‘all:

I ended up having to make the memento cards myself.

I originally purchased some instant printable cards off of Etsy… but for the first time ever, PayPal decided to take seventy-two hours to ensure the transaction was really made by me.

I’m a very unorganised person and had literally left buying the cards until the morning before the shower. You know, because instant printable.

Key word: Instant.

Like, thanks for the security effort but seriously? Now?

Not super appreciated guys.

In the end, I was pretty pleased with how they turned out and I kinda like that the design isn’t super professional and cold. You win some, you lose some I guess.

Our Cake

The cake was the one thing I knew we needed professional help with. I honestly struggle to make toast, so something like this was totally beyond me.

Our bee-utiful Busy Bee cake was made by Lonnie’s Cakes and Desserts.

We opted for a vanilla cake, separated by layers of strawberry buttercream. It was so yummy and super popular!

I am actually obsessed with fondant and could totally eat it by the pound, so the busy bees were my favourite part both decoration and taste wise.

The End Result

In the end, I don’t think we could have asked for a more amazing baby shower.

While everything looked stunning, I was more shocked by how many people made such massive efforts to be there for our little family.

One last special thank you to everyone who came to show our little girl some love – it was deeply appreciated and I’m so glad she already has people like you all in her life.

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  1. This is adorable! Sounds like you had a great time! ๐Ÿ˜

    1. Hollie says:

      Thank you! We definitely did, such a special day ๐Ÿ’›

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