What I’ve Packed in Baby’s Hospital Bag

One hospital bag? Ready to go! Thankfully, because we’ve hit the 36week mark and we’re kind of at the ‘any moment now’ point!

My hospital bag? Yeah… it’s lacking. A little more than lacking actually – it’s empty. We can just skip that part though.

Today, I wanted to take you all through what I’ve packed for the little lady.

Essential Supplies – The Basics

First of all, of course, the necessities:

  • One packet of nappies
  • One packet of Huggies Unscented Baby Wipes
  • Four swaddles
  • One beanie
  • Two pairs of socks
  • Two singlets
  • Two bodysuits
  • One pair of pants
  • Two basic onesies
  • Three bibs

While the hospital does provide nappies and wipes for the duration of our stay, I want to be prepared for anything that may or may not occur on the way home or during discharge.

The one predictable thing about babies, I’ve been told one thousand times by one thousand people, is that they are unpredictable. Great advice!

I’m also choosing not to pack bath supplies. These are also provided during our stay and I don’t want to cart around more than necessary.

It’s a nice little bonus to have this option – we only live five minutes away from the hospital, so Harrison can always run home to grab anything extra if my stay needs to be extended.

Currently, though, the goal is to have baby and I home the same day as the birth.

My midwife has a plan: it involves a (mostly) natural labour and being discharged the same day. This obviously depends on whether any intervention occurs, how the baby is doing afterwards and a whole bunch of other things.

I’m actually now all on board for this! I was a little nervous at first (thanks for the post-partum support guys?) but she assured me I’ll be receiving plenty of home visits. Plus, I get to go home to my own snacks.

Does this sound much more appealing than spending five days in a ward bed, eating hospital food and sharing a bathroom with a bunch of other women?

Um, yes. Yes it does. If all goes well, I’m sold!

The Sentimental

These items are more for me, I’ll be honest.

These classic Disney toys are just so sweet and I can’t wait much longer to share them with her. I had the extra space, so I figured why not just pack them?

I’ve also packed these two outfits choices for her to wear home, temperature and the size of baby depending.

I’ve packed this cute bunny onesie. It’s incredibly soft and warm, so if the weather is colder this outfit will be perfect.

Despite the cute lil ears, I’m still really hoping to use this one below – the little printed phrase is so cute and so relevant.

I’m thinking about picking up a third option, but we’ll see how that goes!

I’m usually incredibly extra in every aspect of my life, but for some reason, the ‘first outfit’ just hasn’t stuck out to me. Yet. I am not known for my consistency if I’m being honest.

Even if the urge to pack more baby things does strike, I think it may be time to step back and let go a little – and to focus on my bag.

We’re going to have some issues if I show up to the hospital with nothing but baby clothes and a sentimental rattle!

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