Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas

It’s definitely no secret though that finding the perfect baby shower gift is kinda hard.

This post was actually inspired by a lovely gal who messaged me on Instagram- her best friend’s baby shower is coming up and she wanted to know which sort of gift she should be looking for.

Should it be for the mum, for the baby or for the whole family? Practical or sentimental?

Honestly, a million people share these thoughts. I thought maybe this post would be useful!

These are my top gift suggestions, with a little input from Harrison and my own Mum.


If you’ve read my First Baby Book Haul post, you know how I feel about reading.

I’m pretty sure it isn’t shocking, in that case, that one of my first suggestions is to gift a book.

Any sort of book will be loved.

I would personally suggest gifting:

– A book you loved as a child

– A parenting book you/your parents found useful

– A baby milestone book

Include a personalised message inside the cover and you have just gifted a beautiful keepsake that both baby and parent will treasure for years to come.

I know that some of my favourite possessions are the books that were gifted to my parents and I when I was a baby, with beautiful well wishes inside from my family.

Nappy Sampler Hamper

Recently, I found the beautiful company Sampler Hamper on Instagram

This Gold Coast based mum creates gorgeous gift boxes, packed full of six different nappy styles and brands for new parents to trial run. 

A gift like this will save parents who are using disposable nappies both money and a whole bunch of unpleasant experiences as they figure out which brand works best for their newborn. 

Every baby is different and unfortunately, nappies are not a ‘one-style-fits-all’ type of deal.

Bath and Grooming Supplies

Bubble bath, baby-sized nail scissors, shampoo and anything in between – all incredibly useful!

These are the little, crucial purchases that you don’t know you’ve missed until you’re out of baby powder on a Friday at 2am.

Parents can never have too many of these things. It is literally impossible. This message comes directly from my own Mum, so we’re going to take it as fact.

While these things don’t sound super exciting, they’re practical and can still be beautifully presented in the form of a gift basket.

You could even mix in a few more luxurious baby bath products, alongside some Lush bath bombs for Mum to make it a touch more self-care focused.

Basic Clothing

Under singlets and plain onesies are an amazing gift idea, especially if you are after a gender-neutral gift.

These can also be saved and used for a second or third child – they really are a long term investment that will pay for themselves ten times over.

While it will be tempting to only buy cute, over the top outfits (and you definitely should – who doesn’t love this part?) including a few of these basics is a great way to ensure your money is well-spent and your gift is well used.

Being completely honest, any gift will be appreciated beyond belief.

Every tiny outfit will be used, every book will be read, every toy will be cuddled before the baby even arrives. You really cannot go wrong.

However, the job of trying to provide a practical and thoughtful gift is still a daunting one, so I really hope you’ve found this helpful. If you think you know someone else who might, please feel free to share via Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.

If your baby shower is coming up, and you’re on the other side of the planning, try reading my baby shower recap!

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