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Pixar Putt – Brisbane 2019

As a ten-year-old, my life goal was to have my very own Toy Story experience. If I couldn’t have this, I at least wanted to own every piece of merchandise on the market in an attempt to recreate it. 

Much to my disappointment, my personal Toy Story moment never happened. Until, one day, it did!

Pixar Putt has been making its way across Australia, helping generations worth of dreams come true.

Is there anything more exciting than the thrill of smashing your family at a game of putt-putt golf, while simultaneously living the story of your childhood heroes?

This cute pop-up course offers eighteen holes of nostalgic family fun. It brings all your favourite classics, from Wall-E to Finding Nemo, to life. Right in front of your eyes! 

It’s completely enchanting, magically wholesome, and an honest must-have experience.

Every round is a brand new adventure, and each is a little more out-there than the last.

My personal favourite was cranking the lever and delivering Carl and Ellie’s house to the top of Paradise Falls, golf balls safely inside until you release them down the falls. Where do they end up? That’s just the luck of the draw!

Harrison denies having a favourite (typical)… but I feel like it was sabotaging me, whack-a-mole style, during the Good Dinosaur themed round. A second close favourite of his? Probably getting to putt the ball, airborne, through the hole in the middle of the iconic target from Brave

Shockingly, putt putt golf is a very competitive sport for Harrison and I. We take it seriously. This time was absolutely no different and uh, like usual, I obviouslywon.

Okay, no I didn’t, but whatever! It isn’t about winning. It’s about ✨magic✨.

Truly though, Pixar Putt is a dream come true for any age. Harrison and I attended a Saturday day session and everyone around us was almost giddy – from toddlers babbling about Woody to adults in full costume.

The way these people reacted to seeing their heroes in person was completely contagious and a special type of magic, all on its own.

My incredible puzzle solving skills at work.

I honestly can’t express how much of a laugh this whole experience was for the adults as well. I wouldn’t exactly say Harrison and I beat any high scores, but we would both do it again in a heartbeat. 

The course is incredibly creative and offers a great challenge without being completely impossible to solve. Winning depends on a little bit of teamwork and wit, rather than just pure luck.

I won’t spoil any more for you. This day out is something you need to see for yourself… and I’m so excited to be able to offer you the opportunity to do just that!


That’s right, giveaway time! Pixar Putt has been kind enough to team up with me and offer one of you lucky Pixar fans a family pass. 

This will allow entry to the full eighteen-hole course for either two adults and two children, or one adult and three children! 

‘Uh, yes please! So how do I enter?’ Excellent question. 

Step One: Head to this post over on my Instagram and click the like button 

Step Two: In the comments, tag one friend or family member you would love to take with you and comment the name of your favourite Pixar movie

Step Three: Make sure you’re following me on Instagram (@hollie.roser) to ensure valid entry

The winner will be contacted via Instagram and emailed the tickets, which will allow access to any time and session. Please note that, ticket wise, a child is classed as anyone under the age of fourteen years old. 

Looking to change your own fate? You can find all the session times and ticket info here!

Pixar Putt runs daily in Brisbane’s beautiful King George Square until the 14th of July. Why hello there, dream school holiday activity! Pair with an outing to see the new Toy Story 4 and you’ll be a sure favourite.

Don’t miss out – this is one of the best family events to hit Brisbane in a very long time!

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