My Little Love Heart – Review

In case you haven’t picked up on it, I’m a big supporter of small business.

There is no way for a mass produced item to compete with the love behind a passion project, and this always comes through in the quality.

A beautiful example of this is the Australian baby store, My Little Love Heart.

This Perth based business provides everything from bibs to bows, each item crafted with that extra bit of love I mentioned before.

Isabella, while still a little young to be teething (thank god!), loves to grip her Blossoms in Peach Teething Ring. She’s just discovered that she can hold things and this has been a massive hit with her!

The fact that she has no arm control means that there has been some out of control swinging – luckily, the soft material of the heart means we haven’t had to worry about any incidents.

When it does come time for her to use it less as a toy, more as a teether, I’m incredibly pleased that it is made out of organic beech wood and is completely eco-friendly!

The quality of the teether material carries over to the coordinating bib (so cute!) which I’ve found myself reaching for over and over.

I was incredibly impressed with the range of designs! There are plenty of neutral options, which I’ve actually struggled to find in bibs.

While I was sucked into the pretty pinks again, having that option of the cute animal print or a neutral geometric pattern was so refreshing.

Apart from the gorgeous design choices, the soft back of the bib is the main appeal!

I’ve found a lot of the bibs we bought pre-baby, while cute, are so uncomfortable and prompt a lot of unhappy grunting when we put them on. So far, this is the only one that hasn’t brought up some major fussing! Massive score.

I also love that it has two buttons on the back, which means we’ll be getting a lot of use out of it for a long time to come.

Isabella is definitely a lil chubby bubby, so being able to adjust the sizing is a major ‘must-have’ when shopping for accessories like this.

When we were doing our pre-baby shopping, Harrison and I didn’t really understand the necessity of burp cloths. Couldn’t we just use swaddles?

I mean, you still totally could… but they’re going to fly all over the place and they aren’t all that comfortable for you or baby. I promise you that an actual, properly shaped and gentle burp cloth is a good investment!

This cute little koala print is a massive favourite of mine (you might remember our attempt at a Native Australian themed nursery) and the darker colour + pattern means we don’t have to worry about it being permanently marked.

It’s also reassuring that she has something soft to rest her chin on. The cloth is nice and thick, with the same soft underlay, meaning it provides plenty of support.

It’s so obvious that Luisa Figueroa, the beautiful mind behind this Australian brand, understands the ins and outs of parenting.

Luisa is a mum herself and this shines through in the practicality of her products. They are carefully designed for comfort and real-world use, while still maintaining the all-important cute factor.

It also makes me incredibly happy that I am able to support another Australian mum while providing the very best for my own baby. I genuinely could not extend warmer wishes to Luisa and her company.

You too can support this blooming brand on Instagram here (@mylittleloveheart) and via their Facebook (My Little Love Heart).

Want to check out the options for yourself?

Their website lists all current stock!

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